Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Product Review: Back to Basics: Egg & Muffin Toaster

I'll admit, it took a little while for me to warm up to the idea of adding another specialized kitchen appliance to our already limited counter space. But the Back to Basics: Egg & Muffin 2-Slice Toaster and Egg Poacher won me over after reading assorted positive reviews.

If you are a frequent visitor to the Golden Arches for breakfast fare, this appliance will not only help you slim down from your fast food nation figure but it will save you money after only 20 uses. Figure it this way: a morning combo of Coffee, Potatoes, and Sausage and Egg McMuffin costs around $3.50 including taxes. Prepared at home your costs are $0.50 for gourmet coffee (ground Starbucks beans are expensive but tasty), one egg $0.10, two turkey sausage patties $0.50, and banana/fruit $0.40. Total cost $1.50. Plus you've cut out tons of fat grams. You're saving $2.00 a meal. Right now the Back to Basics: Egg & Muffin 2-Slice Toaster and Egg Poacher costs just $40.00. So in twenty meals at home you save the cost of the appliance.

The whole breakfast cooks up in about 4-minutes with a wonderful timing system that makes sure your eggs, sausage, and english muffin/toast finishes at exactly the same time. Cleanup is easy enough. But remember to use the cooking-spray. The device also makes hard-boiled eggs or just plain toast among other possibilities.

My recommendation is that you add this little wonder appliance to your kitchen counter today. You'll love the money savings, your friends will admire your new waistline, and you'll be able to use your mornings more efficiently.


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